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Five Days. Five Pages. Undivided Attention.

I focus on one client at a time to bring you a gorgeous 5-page site in five days.

Monday it begins, having received all elements from you, after you’ve had plenty of time to gather and decide. Celebrate!

Midweek, I'll send you a link to your password-protected site-so-far, and we’ll go over everything and get it just so.

Come Friday, we're complete - double celebration, you’re launch-ready!

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Simple Pricing. Seamless Integration.

As a Squarespace Circle member, I can provide you with a 20% discount on annual Website plans (applicable to the first payment). I think you'll appreciate
how gracefully Squarespace integrates its features. In addition to enjoying its award-winning templates, you may also notice that the one-stop service frees you to focus on your art | vocation.

“Beauty will save the world.” ~ Dosteovsky
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How to Begin? 

If you're interested, let's converse!

For more general inquiries, fill out the form below. 
I do my best to return emails within 48 hours M-F.

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Our Agreement

I will:

  • Provide a fun and relaxing experience - though work’s taken seriously, there’s much joy inside the creative process!

  • Bring care and persistence to every detail of your vision, keeping sight of the big picture.

  • Communicate our streamlined procedure in sequential, intentional steps.

  • Ensure that your site’s thoroughly optimized for search engines, and include a simple yet detailed analytics tool.

  • Transfer site ownership to you upon completion, with a customized tutorial + 1.5 hours of free support for two weeks post-launch.

You will:

  • Ensure that all elements (questionnaire, photos, and text) are sent to me by the Friday prior to Monday start.

  • Be readily available on Wednesday through Friday of your 5-day site build week to go over all content, so we can adjust, admire, and make changes as needed.

  • Share with me ideas, dreams, or concerns as we go. I love to hear them!

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Investment: $1250
5-day site week is secured with a 1/2 deposit.
Balance is payable (plus any add-ons we decide) upon site completion.

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Add-ons may include domain transfer and MailChimp integration, each for $200. 

Copy editing (not including typos or easy fixes) - $70/page

Occasionally, I accept projects outside the 5-day/page scope,
and provide assistance with site maintenance/updates once we’re finished (separate agreement).

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When your Visualist Design site goes live, we both can be assured that your beautiful web presence is in good hands, a pleasure to update, and rests on a solid foundation.